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What is Dial-A-Book?


·      Dial-A-Book is a company that specializes in the business of book excerpts.  We create/convert, aggregate, and license/distribute book excerpts for and on behalf of thousands of publishers around the world.

·      Dial-A-Book takes books (hardcopy, PDF files, EPUB files, or ONIX files containing excerpts) and converts them to formats that our customers want (HTML, XML).

·      Our excerpts are all received with the full permission of the publisher, and contain copyright holder information for proper citation.

·      Online retail sites and library systems use our database of over 350,000 book excerpts to help readers discover the value of an individual book.

·      Our database is also crawled by major search engines. This improves a book’s ranking in search engine results.


Who are Dial-A-Book’s Customers? (A partial list can be seen to the right)


·      Customers who license access to our entire database of excerpts for use in online display and discovery.

·      Customers who use us to create excerpts and return them for their own use.

·      Customers who need a small subset of our database for a particular use or application.


How does the process work?


·      Depending on volume and preference, publishers submit files to Dial-A-Book via FTP (preferred) or email (low volume).

·      Dial-A-Book extracts the Table of Contents, the copyright holder information, and the lesser of the first 10% or 17,000 characters of the content to be included in the excerpt.

·      Dial-A-Book standardizes the format of each excerpt in HTML and XML.

·      Every two weeks, Dial-A-Book delivers all newly standardized excerpts to its database licensees.

·      On the same two week cycle, Dial-A-Book delivers newly standardized excerpts back to customers who pay for that conversion service.


What is the History of Dial-A-Book?


Dial-A-Book was started in 1993 by Stanley R. Greenfield, a retired Ziff-Davis executive. Upon Stanley’s passing in 2009, the company was run by his wife, Betty Greenfield.  The Greenfield’s spent many years speaking with publishers of all shapes and sizes about the value of excerpts. In many ways, their work was well ahead of its time.


On January 1st. 2014, Dial-A-Book was acquired by Firebrand Technologies.



Who can I contact if I have any other questions?


Please be in touch with Marianne O’Neill, Program Coordinator (oneillm at dialabook dot net)


See a sample excerpt here


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Partial client list:

·  ArcaMax Publishing

·  Author Solutions

·  Baker and Taylor

·  Barnes and Noble


·  Diesel eBooks


·  Gardners Books (UK)

·  Greenleaf Publishing

·  Ingram Content Group

·  Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)